At Salt this month, we are featuring DETOXIFICATION. 
Spring is the perfect time of year to begin a mild cleanse. After the long cold winter, our bodies get ready to shed all the toxins that have built up during the colder months due to lack of exercise, eating heavier and richer foods and lack of sunshine and fresh air. If you are feeling lethargic, experiencing weight gain, acne, chronic pain, headaches, poor sleep and indigestion, chances are you are in need of some spring cleaning. Today we are exposed to so many different toxins on a daily basis from BPAs in plastics causing hormone disruption, to the antibiotics and steroids in meat, pesticides on our produce and pollution in the air, just to name a few. This bombardment of toxins that we inevitably ingest, breathe, drink and absorb through our skin, can build up pretty quickly especially if there is any pre-existing disease or low immunity present. 
You can do a lot for your body simply by eating the right foods that are naturally cleansing (grapefruits, beets, garlic, ginger and leafy greens to name a few), drinking plenty of filtered clean water, moving the lymph system with gentle exercise and incorporating more rest and sleep. 
As part of a detoxing program that is both comfortable and effective, infrared saunas are known for their detoxifying capability. In comparison to a conventional sauna, the temperature is much more comfortable as you are being heated from the inside out at a gradual pace. In addition to being a cleansing treatment, the infrared technology helps speed up the healing of injuries, is anti-inflammatory, immune boosting and also boosts cardiovascular activity equivalent to a 30-minute cardio work out. This treatment is then great for those who need to exercise but do not have the time or energy. It is a great addition to your detox program whether mild or intense. The toxins are all brought to the surface from within and sweated out via your pores thereby relieving the toxic load on the body. Be sure to hydrate before, during and after your sauna session. Combine infrared sauna therapy with our delicious and mild DETOX tea and quality detox FOOT PADS (Made in the US) and you’ll be on your way to better health that you will feel inside and out! We have great specials this month for sauna treatments and more! See below for this month’s specials. 

NEW products just in at Salt!

Now offering all-natural herbal tinctures by Purify Your Life. Formulated by a Registered Herbalist:
+Arthritis & Inflammation Formula
+Respiratory Formula
+Allergy Formula
+Anxiety and Stress Formula
+Digestion Formula
+Herbal Vit ‘N Mins

 Using a non-gmo vodka alcohol base, tinctures pull out all the medicinal benefits of the natural plant/herb into a potent and effective formula to relieve symptoms and provide better health.


You suggested and we listened! Starting this month, we will have the following new hours:
             TUESDAY           CLOSED               
WEDNESDAY    10:00-9:00
THURSDAY       10:30-9:00
     FRIDAY              10:30-7:30     
SATURDAY        10:00-8:00
SUNDAY            10:00-6:00

 COMING SOON… Detox Foot Bath

 Salt is adding a new service for general detoxification but also for those experiencing ill health that require more help getting rid of toxins that are contributing towards chronic illness and symptoms. This treatment is cleansing at the cellular level, balancing and provides you with more energy. Stay tuned to learn more about this effective and inexpensive new treatment! 

– Lehla