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I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our new clients. We hope you are enjoying your services at Salt!

As summer is in full bloom and we are indulging in this ever so sweet time of year, please do not forget to incorporate some self care into your weekly routine. Self care can be done in many different ways and can be a simple as taking a bath. Take a few minutes any time of day to focus on your body and give your hard-working brain a break. Something that makes you go Ahhhh! For some this might be reading, others might be exercise, yoga, meditation, writing, drawing or anything that makes you feel like there is no effort required and fills up your bucket. Sometimes we need a little encouragement or inspiration for ideas that can encourage an anxious/overworked body and mind to relax. From massage and salt therapy to floatation and infrared sauna therapy, Salt has a lot to offer where self care is concerned with the added benefit of healing and boosting your immune system. 

This month, we are featuring detoxification at Salt Wellness.

Why detoxification? 

Detoxification is a naturally occurring very important function within our body system. When overloaded with toxins, the body’s organs do not function optimally as either the detoxification pathways are blocked or they are overloaded. We can then begin to exhibit symptoms such as lethargy, weight gain, acne, skin conditions, chronic pain, headaches, food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, poor sleep and yes, even stress. Today we are exposed to so many different toxins on a daily basis from BPAs in plastics causing hormone disruption, to the antibiotics and steroids in meat, pesticides on our produce and pollution in the air, just to name a few. This bombardment of toxins that we inevitably ingest, breathe, drink and absorb through our skin, can build up pretty quickly especially if there is any immune compromised situation, pre-existing disease or low immunity present.

Our bodies are truly amazing vessels that work hard each day to keep us living and healthy, the best it can. Sometimes it needs our assistance to keep functioning well. You don’t have to drink raw juice for ten days, fast, take herbal pills or sweat profusely in order to detox. For some that works well and can be very effective however we are all different. For others, excessive detoxing or very intense detoxing can be harmful and sometimes very uncomfortable unless you know what you are doing. If you have never detoxed before, I suggest initiating a mild detox with some simple diet adjustments focusing on vegetables and lean protein, increasing water intake, ensure you are at least walking every day or practicing some form of daily movement and then gradually increasing the detoxification process with help from infrared saunas (detoxing at the cellular level at a comfortable temperature), dry brushing (to stimulate the lymph system), mild detoxifying teas (to cleanse the liver and blood) and a variety of other options to reduce the toxic load in your body, depending on your health background and existing health.

You can do a lot for your body simply by eating the right foods that are naturally cleansing (grapefruits, beets, garlic and ginger and leafy greens to name a few), drinking plenty of filtered clean water, moving the lymph system with gentle exercise and movement and initiating more rest and sleep. For those already incorporating this within their lifestyle, there are a number of safe and easy detox methods you can incorporate to alleviate more of the toxic load in your body. You may even start to experience such a great improvement in how you feel and look that you may want to experiment with a deeper cleanse. Anyone who has not had experience with detoxing previously, has a medical condition or taking medication should seek advice from their health practitioner before engaging in any type of detoxification program. With this in mind, anyone can eat healthy, drink clean water and practice gentle movement, safely and comfortably. Every little bit helps!

As part of a detoxing program that is both comfortable and effective, infrared saunas are known for their detoxifying capability. In comparison to a conventional sauna, the temperature is much more comfortable as you are being heated from the inside out at a gradual pace. In addition to being a cleansing treatment, the infrared technology helps speeds up the healing of injuries, is anti-inflammatory, immune boosting and also boosts cardiovascular activity equivalent to a 30-minute cardio work out. This treatment is then great for those who need to exercise but do not have the time or energy. It is a great addition to your detox program whether mild or intense. The toxins are all brought to the surface from within and sweated out via your pores thereby relieving the toxic load on the body. Be sure to hydrate being during and after your sauna session. We have great specials this month for sauna treatments and more!

Summer, Fall and Spring are good times to detox when the body is stronger and more robust. It is best to avoid in winter months when the body is more suited for more rest, relaxation and restoration. If you have never tried an infrared sauna before, call us for more information.

If you have metal in your body, have a health condition or taking medication, please consult with your health practitioner before booking your first appt.

Enjoy this upcoming summer month and soak in this lovely time.