Happy New Year to All!
I am so excited as this month I will be celebrating my one-year anniversary as the owner of Salt Wellness. 
I am so passionate about Salt and what it has to offer and am very grateful to have this beautiful unique health centre which provides therapies that anyone can benefit from and also enjoy. I welcome you to celebrate with me by offering 20% off this whole month on all Infrared Sauna, Halo (Salt) Therapy, Floatation Therapy and Products.
A new year and the perfect time to reset, rejuvenate and give in to some self care. It is vital to keep yourself healthy by following a few simple tips:
  • Avoid processed foods or limit them to a maximum of 20% of your total food intake (focus on whole foods 80% of the time)
  • Get moving! Any kind of exercise (even walking) for 20-60 minutes per day has endless benefits
  • Drink Water – flush away toxins, plump up those cells, reduce lines and wrinkles and hydrate your body; our bodies are mainly water and it is a vital component of health
  • Detoxify – get the bad and ugly OUT; clean up your cells and experience the positive results
  • SELF CARE – I can’t say enough. Most of us are exposed to stress on a daily basis. Throw Covid in there and we have all been tipped over the edge. Stress must be managed regularly and at least once a day in some form or fashion (exercise, yoga, meditation, massage, coaching or counselling, resting, breathing) and of course, all of the services we offer at Salt encompass self care, healing and rejuvenation.
Infrared Sauna Benefits – Detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, heats up the body (especially helpful in winter months), quicker injury recovery, equivalent to a 30-60 min cardio work out (a 30 min session burns 500-600 calories).   
Halo (Salt) Therapy Benefits – Antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, heals the tissue lining inside the lungs, helpful for treating and preventing bacterial and viral infections, heals the skin and combats skin inflammation and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, the magnesium content relaxes the muscles, promotes better digestion and sleep, and calms the mind   
Floatation Therapy Benefits – Deeply restorative, healing, pain relieving, detoxifying, stress relieving, calms and lessens anxiety, improves sleep, deeply relaxing   
Take advantage of 20% off all services and products in January and make this your month to step into a new healthier you!   
Salt is now affiliated with BB Holistics, who features Far Infra Red Infused-EMF Shielding Weighted Blankets as well as other FIR products which help to reduce inflammation, reset the nervous system, promoting better and deeper sleep as well as blocking the harmful invisible rays that electronics, Bluetooth and power lines give off, disrupting your body’s natural functions and health optimality. 
Purchase any of these products through Salt and get 20% off their regular pricing! 1-866-299-6533. 
I have the weighted blanket. I was hopeful and my husband was skeptical. We both now can’t and don’t want to be without it. Try it yourself to see the difference. With a 30-day money back guarantee, there is no harm in trying it out! Check out their website for more information, reviews and pricing.
– Lehla