Do you have someone special you look up to? Or someone you’d like to remember and think about for a few moments? Dad, Grampa, Uncle, Step Dad, Father-in-law? Maybe it’s someone you aren’t related to that has had some significance in your life and who’s been there for you. It is nice to reach out and show appreciation, love, acknowledgement or simply just to say “Hello!”.

It can be difficult sometimes to find the appropriate gift for the special male in your life. If you are in need of something, we have something for everyone. Whether wanting to help your loved one improve their health, treat a symptom, rest and/or relax, we can help you make a package for their needs. We also offer gift certificates in store and online to purchase for single services, packages or a custom dollar amount so they can pick what they like. Maybe dad would like a salt lamp or salt diffuser with healing oils; Float gift certificate; Salt room experience for smokers’ cough, inflammation, chronic lung condition or simply immunity. Or choose from a selection of products to promote healing and comfort such as bath salts, detox foot pads, inhalers, roll-ons, soap, deodorant and CBD products for pain relief, reduce anxiety or to promote better sleep. We offer a host of gift ideas so visit us today.



We are now carrying NEW products from Little Fox Apothecary. We chose Little Fox because they are 100% natural – vegan – eco-friendly – sustainable – cruelty free. Come check out what we have from diffuser blends, inhalers, roll-ons, mist and my new favorite MAGNESIUM OIL spray.

This product is excellent for those deficient in magnesium or to help with aches and pains. Magnesium is known to ease muscle cramps, promote relaxation and better sleep, improve digestion and reduce inflammation. Pair this with salt therapy, and your loved one is sure to heal, relax and feel more rejuvenation and clarity.

Here are some of our new products from our local dispensary, Little Fox Apothecary. 100% pure and organic, locally made and environmentally friendly.

Their essential oil blends and plant-based wellness products are expertly created and formulated in-house. Products are handcrafted in small batches using sustainable, organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Each item is packaged and wrapped using eco-friendly materials. They are conscious of landfill waste, water contamination and use policies to minimize environmental impact.



We will be offering this new service mid June as we prepare our new treatment room and train staff. For more information on this amazing new service, click here for more information. Another newsletter and posts will be sent early June for the official start date.

– Lehla