This is such a beautiful time of year, when spring is poking out its head and we start to spend more time outdoors.
It is also the time of year when budding flowers and pollen begin to affect allergy sufferers. If seasonal allergies get you down, come visit us for Salt Therapy treatment to help you manage your symptoms. The heated medical grade salt we use in our halo generators is antibacterial and antimicrobial reducing inflammation in the sinuses, bronchi and skin; minimizing any irritating symptoms. Wearing our masks all the time doesn’t help us breathe any better either so breathing in a safe and healthy environment can help us rid our lungs of toxins and bring in extra oxygen into the blood for healthier circulation and waste removal.
Salt therapy is also very beneficial if you have a compromised immune system or any other chronic health condition including arthritis, chronic fatigue and skin and lung conditions such as asthma, psoriasis, emphysema, COPD and cystic fibrosis. All this as well as the extra added bonus of relaxing your muscles and your mind with a big dose of magnesium! Get leg cramps? Salt therapy helps with that too! 
Don’t have a lung or skin condition? Salt therapy also works its magic in the rest of the body, reducing overall inflammation and relieving pain, indigestion and fatigue. 
This month, we are featuring “Breathe your way back into Spring” with specials revolving around Salt Therapy to help you combat allergies and build a resilient immune system to ward off spring flus. If you have never tried our Salt Bed, this is a favorite here at Salt. Lying on warm salt crystals in a chamber infused with medical grade salt gives you a concentrated treatment as the salt is absorbed via both the respiratory and skin systems. This is a quick yet extremely effective and nurturing treatment. 
Whether you are coming in to treat a condition or you just want to start empowering yourself with more self care and stress management, Salt Therapy is an effective and wonderful addition to your health plan. The numerous benefits it offers will leave you feeling boosted and relaxed all at the same time.
Goodbye and Congratulations to Dr. Parm Bisla!
We are sad to see Dr. Bisla go but wish him all the best in his new private practice and partnership. He is only a hop, skip and a jump away from us (the building behind MNP) so don’t forget to visit us here at Salt!

– Lehla