Welcome May! The month to appreciate all mothers, aunts, grandmas and for some, great grandmas! Send gratitude their way for their love, nurturing, and attentiveness. Or maybe you know someone that is alone during this difficult time, who would appreciate a phone or facetime call. Despite Covid, there are things we can do to reach out to those we love or those we haven’t seen in a while. Facetime or a voice call offers a little more connection than a simple text or post. Research shows that when we connect with people and their voices, we feel uplifted and when we feel uplifted and happy, this creates chemical reactions in our bodies that naturally boost our immune systems and also create mental wellness and peace. Reach out to someone today and fill up their bucket and guess what? Your bucket gets filled up too!

Check out our Mother’s Day specials this month. We offer gift certificates online so you don’t have to come into store. With an online gift card purchase, you simply pick a design for an email certificate and then forward to a recipient via email. If you prefer to purchase directly from our store and save the gift card as a surprise for a particular date, you can call in a purchase, pay by phone and we will simply hold the gift card at the front desk for the gift card recipient to use at their leisure. Discounted services and package specials purchased with a gift card expire in a year however the dollar amount of the gift card never expires and therefore can be used towards any current priced service/package and/or retail products. Separate gift cards are also available for Registered Massage Therapy.

What is a footbath? This technology originated in Australia. A footbath uses OSMOSIS to draw out impurities from the body with few or none of the symptoms that people can sometimes experience with detoxification. The osmosis system is similar to the medically approved process of dialysis. Fluids pass through membranes (in this case the pore in your feet) and actively collect toxic debris into the solution (the water in the footbath). You place your feet in a tub of water (we will be using a pure copper tub for further activation) that is supplied with pure salt and an OPTIMIZER, which uses amperage to produce negative ions (the healthy ions that negate positive ions (free radicals) in the body). These highly charged healthy ions in the water renew and stimulate the cells to release cellular waste via the feet and strengthen the cells over time. When negative ions reach our bloodstream, they produce biochemical reactions that:

+ Elevate our moods

+ Alleviate depression and stress

+ Increase our energy

+ Destroy bacteria and other micro-organisms

+ Increase alertness and concentration

+ Less fatigue

+ More efficient body cleansing

The energetic foot bath treatment is 35 min long and during this treatment, the body releases what it is ready to let go of at the time. Each individual will be affected differently with each treatment based on their own unique health situation. The end goal for everyone is moving toward and maintaining a healthy balance. Cells photographed post treatment demonstrate marked improvements after just one bath. The cells are free-floating and rounded and appear much more hydrated and oxygenated. Regular use of the Optimum Footbath can achieve the following :

+ Cellular Cleansing

+ Anti-aging

+ Boosted Immune System

+ Clearer Skin/Complexion

+ Joint/Pain Relief

+ Activates and improves body’s natural elimination system

+ Weight Loss

+ Increased Circulation

+ Reduced Stress and Fatigue

+ Reduced Swelling and Inflammation

+ Improved Joint Stiffness

We are hoping to start offering this new service Mid May or by June 1. Stay tuned for more information on this how this treatment works. We will keep you posted!

– Lehla