We really appreciate the time you took to support us.

To show our appreciation this month, we are offering our already discounted Relaxation Sampler for $100 (90 Min Float Therapy, 30 Min Salt Therapy and 30 Min Infrared Sauna! (Reg. $155, Special Price $125, YOUR price $100).

At Salt Wellness, we want you to know that we are not just about relaxation. While our services and facilities definitely promote and enhance stress relief and relaxation, our services are also extremely therapeutic. Whether treating an ailment (chronic or acute), experiencing muscle/tissue pain, insomnia, sluggish digestion, fatigue and anxiety related stress, we have a treatment option for you.

Halo (Salt) Therapy can assist with a number of ailments. Focusing on respiratory and skin conditions, and overall general inflammatory conditions, salt therapy can also be used for pain and fatigue management as well as boosting the immune system. Due to the antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, anyone can benefit from strengthening the immune system, detoxifying the lungs and body, promoting pain and anxiety relief and flu/illness prevention and management. This treatment is also safe enough for children and the elderly.

Float Therapy is more than a relaxing treatment. Did you know that a 90-minute float is as restorative and healing as a 3-hour nap? Behind the scenes, your body goes into such a deep state of relaxation that the body can utilize its energy to heal. Similar to when you sleep at night, while the body is at rest, the body can then detoxify, heal, repair, replenish and then strengthen. The relaxation induced from a float both soothes and eases your nervous system. The muscles relax bringing much pain relief, the mind relaxes promoting stress relief and the nervous system is able to get a much-needed reset and rest required for therapeutic healing.

Infrared sauna therapy is known for its anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. Also known for its detoxification effectiveness, speedier injury repair and quicker recovery, it also boosts circulation and one 30-minute session is equivalent to a 30 min cardio workout. Especially during these colder months when it’s hard to warm up and maybe you’re not outside exercising as much, this is a good alternative to get your metabolism up and running while keeping warm inside the body and out. In addition, as the tissues and organs are detoxified, you feel more energy, sleep better and experience overall better health.

This month at salt we are featuring float therapy. What a better way to spend a rainy cold afternoon or evening. Pain management, injury healing, stress management/prevention plus better digestion are all excellent reasons to try a float today. All of these advantages provide a positive domino effect on the body systems including nervous system, endocrine organs, lymphatic system, heart, digestive organs, and muscular system (to name most of them). When one of these systems is repeatedly out of balance, another system is then affected and so on. We need to be able to rescue these systems when they are calling out an SOS by paying attention, being aware and asking yourself, what does my body need right now? A Float can help you achieve this state of rest and mindfulness so the body gets a break from working so hard and your mind has a chance to be mindful about the body, rather than work, school, commitments, pressures, social media and other environmental stimuli that may be affecting your bodily systems.