And that is a wrap for summer! We are now into fall but still have the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

We are offering some great savings this month so you can boost your immune system, restore your body, detoxify and obtain pain and fatigue relief. At Salt, we are more than a place for relaxation. Salt is a true healing centre, attested by its effective therapeutic treatments that go deep below the surface, offering real results that you can see and feel inside and out. Scroll below to our specials to find out more or read on to see what I am grateful for this month!

One of the most important things I am grateful for at the moment is the fact that my family and I have managed to stay safe and healthy during these Covid times. I have my 93-year-old grandmother living with us and I feel blessed she is still somewhat strong and thriving, despite having had surgery a year ago to remove a cancerous tumour. We are all continuing to be responsible by washing our hands and using sanitizer whenever we are out and about, wearing a mask around others outside the family and avoiding contact with family members/friends that display any symptoms that may or may not be related to Covid. As we are into a second wave of increasing Covid numbers, practicing these simple measures can go a long way. If you are immune compromised, take extra measures of precaution by going out less, wearing masks and gloves, especially when entering hospitals or doctors’ offices and avoid being in an environment with the general public as much as possible.

I am also grateful that despite these crazy times, we are able to get out and about and walk along the beaches and parks, enjoy a meal at a restaurant and have a bit of normalcy in our lives. I know that if we do end up shutting things down again at some point, we now all have more experience with that; it will be somewhat less of a shock as we are little more prepared emotionally in the event this happens again.

Let’s not take all our simple pleasures for granted; really enjoy them and appreciate them. The more gratitude you have for anything in your life will honestly improve your mood, uplift your spirits and fill up your bucket. Taking time each day to express gratitude can have a very positive effect on your overall health as when we are happy, our bodies work more efficiently, reducing susceptibility to illness. Yes, being happy does improve your immunity! So even when things are the worst and you feel like nothing could go right, look hard for that little shining light as there is always one somewhere, you just have to find it. Focus on that, whatever that shining light may be, and see what happens!


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