Float Therapy

Our Float Room


Salt Wellness Centre is the only Float Centre in BC to offer a Wave float room – the first hybrid float space that is neither room nor tank. We also offer Oasis Float Tanks, designed to provide the most sensory reduced float environment available.

The Wave float room, with it’s unique wave-like ceiling design, has been developed with every floater in mind. First time floaters who are not entirely comfortable being in a tank, or those who are claustrophic will appreciate the 7 foot ceiling height at the entrance. This extra space also provides easy step in/out access.

Experienced floaters, or those who prefer a tank-like environment will enjoy the wave feature as it flows down toward the end providing the experience of being in a more enclosed space. The float room comes equipped with underwater LED mood lighting as well as audio for those who choose to listen to music or guided meditation during their float. This wave room option can be considered more of a semi-sensory deprivation experience. For a more full sensory deprivation experience, please book in with one of our Oasis float tanks.

Regardless of your float experience or float intentions, Salt Wellness Centre is equipped with the latest and most advanced float therapy systems to cater to the beginner floater and the most experienced.


Our Oasis float tanks are a more traditional model of an isolation tank. It is a lightless, soundproof tank, allowing you to experience true R.E.S.T (Restricted External Stimulus Therapy) and truly enjoy being unplugged. The Oasis Tank door is set 22” from the ground at an angle, making it easy to step in and out of. The door handles are located both inside and outside for your convenience.