Salt has a lot to offer its clients in terms of stress management, deep physical, mental and emotional healing, as well as the fact that Salt Therapy treatments have been researched recently to have shown repair to damaged lungs from individuals exposed to Covid. Salt Therapy also been shown to improve other problems encountered from general Covid exposure, including the fatigue that we are all currently experiencing. Additionally, Salt therapy can be used on an as needed basis or as a maintenance program to promote general respiratory hygiene.  Click here for the Salt Therapy Association’s video on The Science Between Salt Therapy and COVID 19.


Please be advised that the Centre will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitization procedures are in place to ensure the safety of our clients as well as our staff members as follows:

  • Our float tank water is sterilized with sanitizing chemicals used for floating, a heavy-duty filtration system (big enough for a pool) as well as the fact the water runs through a UV light for further sanitizing. All areas that may be touched by a client in the float rooms will be wiped down with an antibacterial agent. 
  • The salt bed will be cleansed with UV lighting after treatments to sanitize the already natural antibacterial salt in the bed, in addition to wiping down and sanitizing any areas touched by other clients.
  • The salt room chairs and table will be sanitized after each use.
  • The infrared sauna now has plexi glass covering the bench which will be sanitized and wiped down with peroxide as well as the inside walls of the sauna. The infrared heat in the sauna is naturally antibacterial. The sauna will be left on for an additional 30 minutes in between clients.
  • The massage room’s linens will be contained in an enclosed bin and all linens/blankets will be changed after each session as well as sanitizing all surfaces (especially the head rest). 
  • All surface areas and handles, including hooks will be wiped after each client’s session
  • Our bathroom will be cleaned every 15 minutes


  • Staff will practice safe distancing when greeting you for your appointment and taking you to your private room.
  • We will have an onsite contactless forehead thermometer to check staff each day for any sign of fever.
  • We will be limiting the number of clients in the centre at one time and will not be accepting any walk ins. We will provide hand sanitizer at the front desk for you to use upon arrival and as you exit after your treatment. We strongly advise you also wash your hands before and after your appointment.
  • We ask that you please arrive on time for your appointment and preferably alone, unless sharing a treatment room. If there is someone already waiting in the Salt lobby, you will need to wait in the MNP lobby or outside of the building, where you can wait at a safe distance. Arriving on time and leaving your appointment as soon as your treatment time is complete, should decrease if not eliminate any waiting time.

We will have a strict policy for any staff and clients to refrain from coming to the centre if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • If you have had a fever within 72 hours;
  • If you feel sick or have been diagnosed with an illness;
  • If you have had a recent cough and/or shortness of breath;
  • If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and have not been cleared to discontinue social isolation;
  • If you have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.

We ask that all clients book their appointments online or by phone and encourage you to please purchase a package or single service online, to avoid having to book/pay at the counter. If you do have to pay at the time of your visit, safe distancing will take place and the pinpad will be sanitized after each use. If there are other clients waiting upon checking out and you have questions, we ask that all general service inquiries be made by phone or email.

Staff members will wear masks and gloves if needed and clients are encouraged to do the same for their safety as well as the safety of our staff.