Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy Bed


The Salt Wellness Centre salt bed is a completely private, enclosed environment — equipped with calming lighting and relaxing music — where microscopic salt particles ranging in size from 1 um to 5 microns, are concentrated in the air and absorbed by your skin as you recline on the bed. The negatively charged salt particles activate multiple physiological processes in your body (including blood microcirculation of the skin), increases production of collagen, kill bacteria and fungi, and act as a natural anti-inflammatory- revitalizing the skin.

Dry salt therapy in our salt bed is uniquely engineered to treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and other common forms of dermatitis. This salt bed option can also be used as a more concentrated treatment for lung conditions, an extra induced state of mental calm as well as a quick and effective method for pain and stress relief.

The negative ions of salt absorbed into the body and bloodstream via the skin also help to boost the body’s immunity and resistance to illnesses, improve cell’s metabolic processes and strengthen the functions of autonomic nerves.