What To Expect

What To Expect?

It is recommended to drink water before, during and after your treatment. Upon arrival to your appointment, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and waiver. Our staff member will create a client log to keep track of your sessions and make notes on each of your treatments. This will help us determine which amperage to use during subsequent treatments and to make note of any changes.

1) Please come prepared to not use your phone or device during the session. You cannot be touching any electronics or battery operated items so come prepared with a book to read or just relax and take the time to heal and rest.

2) Once seated you will be offered water and asked to remove any jewellery/watch for optimum results. Any metal or anything energetically charged (even people or pets) will affect your treatment.

3)  You will place your feet into a one time use liner within a copper bucket of clear salt water containing the Optimizer array which is powered by the Optimizer unit. This is safe, has been thoroughly tested and there is no chance of electrocution or harm due to the grounding chassis and system safety mechanisms installed.

4) The staff member has full control over the amperage.  The first treatment will be at a lower amp until it is determined the client feels well and healthy enough to handle more. Keeping a log will also help with this.

5) During the 35 minute session, you will notice fatty deposits begin to appear, floating on top of the water. The clear water will eventually become darker and murkier. Everybody is different and will have different amounts of deposits/impurities that come out. The body will release what it can handle to release, and even the same person can have a different experience during each footbath. It is normal to feel a tingling or drawing sensation during the footbath in the beginning until the body becomes cleaner. Each session will produce different results. The water may have varying colours between baths. The colours are simply a product of the oxidization process, waste/impurities, heavy metals and the osmosis process. Some companies will say its waste from a certain organ. Part of it is and part of it is simply the process itself. The main thing to focus on is not what colour the water looks like, but how you feel.

6) There should be no detoxifying effects from the footbath however you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Urine can be darker and stronger smelling
  • Increased bowel movements
  • Feeling sleepy or energetic

If your toxic load is quite high or you are very dehydrated:

  • Leg or foot cramps due to lack of minerals in the body
  • Headache during or after footbath 
  • Feeling dizzy or nauseous 

Again, it is recommended to drink water before, during and after to reduce or avoid the above symptoms. We will also recommend a trace mineral supplement upon completion to replenish minerals in the body.

7) Once the foot bath is completed, we will rinse your feet with clean water and you simply dry and go. Most people have experienced more energy and better sleep after a single session.

Depending on the individual and where they are from a health standpoint, the foot bath works best with a series of treatments.  A “mini” cleanse could consist of 3-5 baths whereas a “deep cleanse would consist of 14 baths with a 21 day rest and then another round of 14 baths until your ideal optimum health has been reached. An in-depth health consultation will help determine which program would be best for you.

Footbaths are ideally done every three days or maximum every other day. Footbaths can be done frequently for an extended period of time (one year or more) depending on the health goals. A well balanced maintenance program for a relatively healthy individual might be 2-3 times per month or when your body feels like it needs it.

Regular consistent footbaths assist the immune system by reducing the amount of waste in the cells. This allows for better circulation and assimilation of nutrients reducing/preventing disease and promoting much better health in general.