Why Our Detox Foot Bath

Why Our Detox Foot Bath?

We use the OPTIMUM ENERGETICS ionic detox foot bath system, which stimulates the body’s cells energy & creates an osmosis process moving cellular waste from the body. We chose this system as they have over 16 years of research, development and manufacturing in the US. This system is the latest in ionic foot bath technology and is both the safest and most powerful machine on the market. 

 We have full control of the amperage with this system and can alter it to make it higher or lower to suit the client’s needs. We also offer the highest amperage available to withdraw many toxins safely and comfortably. This system was designed to only remove what the body can handle so you won’t over detoxify.

 This unit was also designed with safety protective mechanisms in place:

  • If for some reason there was a problem, a fallback circuit turns itself off
  • It has an external fuse that shuts down the machine if the fuse blows
  • This unit does not require a wristband since a chassis ground is used and already grounded

 This system uses “single” polarity (current moves in one direction only) versus dual polarity (current moves back and forth) used in a lot of other footbaths. This means our machine only produces negative (healthy) ions during the process and waste is being removed in one direction; nothing else is going back into the body since it’s a “one way” system. Systems using dual polarity (two ways – in and out) claim you need both negative (healthy) and positive (unhealthy) ions for their process to work. We do not want to expose “positive”(unhealthy) ions so we use good quality salt to produce more ions naturally and then no unhealthy toxins leach back into the body.


To explain simply, ions are invisible electrified particles that have an effect on our physical and mental well-being. We are exposed to both negative (healthy) and positive (unhealthy) ions every day. Negative ions make us feel good, destroy bacteria and decrease inflammation in the body. Most things in nature or natural elements emit negative ions such as being near a waterfall, walking in a forest, salt lamps as they are a natural element, the ocean and minerals. Positive ions make us sick and feel bad. These ions come from electronics, WIFI, screens, battery operated items and electromagnetic pollution. The more positive ion exposure we have, the more our health fails. Being exposed to negative ions is good for our bodies and helps us heal and stay healthy. This foot bath system only produces negative ions.