Mixed Packages

All Mixed Packages can be used the same day or saved for another day.

Packages remain on your account for 1 year.

Relaxation Sampler

Treat someone or yourself to a little bit of everything! You can use all three sessions during one appointment or space out appointments for each treatment. This package includes one 90 minute float therapy session, a 30 minute salt bed therapy session as well as a 30 minute infrared sauna session. Each treatment comes with a host of health benefits that encompass stress relief, pain relief, detoxification, soothing muscles and relaxing the mind. We recommend booking sauna, then float, followed by salt room. You won’t be disappointed!

Relaxation Sampler – One 45 min Salt Room Session – $175 (Reg. $195)

Relaxation Sampler – One 30 min Salt Bed Session – $190 (Reg.$210)

Salt Therapy Sampler

Not sure which salt therapy treatment to try? This package gives you a taste of using the room and the salt bed. Fine particles of medical grade salt are emitted into a private room through a halogenerator, allowing the antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of the salt to absorb via the skin and lungs, clearing debris from the respiratory track, clearing up skin conditions, assisting with seasonal allergies or quicker recovery from any illness. In the room, you can sit comfortably in regular clothing while taking deep relaxing breaths and let the salt boost your immune system. The bed is a more concentrated salt therapy treatment where you lie unclothed on a bed of warm salt and the halogenerator emits the salt into the bed chamber. This option is a more concentrated treatment and also beneficial to those with skin conditions. Both the room and the bed offer anti-inflammatory benefits, reducing pain, fatigue and a variety of common symptoms. The bed is a favorite of our regulars!

One 45 min Salt Therapy Session – Salt Room
One 30 min Salt Therapy Session – Salt Bed
$99 (Reg $125)

Rainy Day Package

What a better way to spend a rainy afternoon or evening then in a soothing float and warm detoxifying sauna. Ease stress, fatigue and pain while boosting immunity and reducing inflammation. Leave mindful, rested and ready for the week ahead!

One 90 Min Float and One 30 Min Infrared Sauna
$120 (Reg. $140)

Original Salt Package

Salt is known for its wet and dry salt therapies. Before Salt introduced more services, the original Float and Salt Therapy were Salt’s signature Healing Combo. Induce deep relaxation and therapeutic restoration with a 90 Min float followed by an immune boosting and anti-inflammatory salt therapy treatment. You will leave both relaxed and relieved. Both treatments can be used on the same day or you can use the sessions separately. We recommend starting with your 90 min float, followed by a salt therapy session for a full SALT experience.

One 90 Min Float and One 40 Min Salt Bed
$125 (Reg. $150)

Total Immunity Package 

Enjoy the immune boosting and healing benefits from one 30 min salt bed session and two 30 min infrared sauna sessions. Then enhance your package with a restorative and deeply penetrating float. Soothe irritated muscles, reduce toxicity, and increase your resilience towards colds, flus and viruses. Use as many treatments as you like in one day or leave unused sessions on your account to use at your leisure. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated while improving your immunity.

1 Float Session
1 Salt Bed Session
2 Infrared Sessions
$200 Reg $260)

Total Restoration Package

Use this package over a week to jump start your healing experience. We recommend a float and then salt bed one day and repeat another day within the same week or you can simply save your sessions to use separately at your leisure. Combining a 90 min float with a salt bed treatment will rest the mind, ease muscle pain and tension, induce deep sleep and boost your immune system This is a great package if you are in need of relief or requiring deep relaxation to reduce stress and fatigue.

2 Float Sessions
2 Salt Bed Sessions
$275 (Reg $320)