What is Somatic Trauma Therapy?

Somatic Healing sessions address the whole person, mind, body, breath. The term “Somatic” comes from the root word “Soma”, and refers to the body experienced from within. This psycho-biological (or mind-body) model combines counselling therapy with movement, grounding and mindfulness techniques. Symptoms such as pain, depression and anxiety are understood as information we can listen to by simply paying attention, rather than covering them up with a temporary fix. We will explore easy and non-invasive ways to calm your nervous system, basic meditative techniques to help you relax, and gentle/simple yoga-based exercises targeted to your particular challenges. Sessions help to restore inner harmony, strengthen the immune system and increase well-being on all levels. Since somatic therapy aims to resolve the root causes of ill-being, it may help those who have not been successful in using modern medical approaches for treating chronic pain, digestive disorders and other chronic disorders.

How can Somatic Trauma Therapy help me?

During these times of global crisis with intensified levels of anxiety and uncertainty, now more than ever we need ways of nourishing ourselves. When stress increases, old traumas and wounds may become aggravated, and for many of us, this brings chronic feelings of inadequacy that can cut us off from our sense of belonging. Unresolved, old wounds and traumas can manifest as feeling overwhelmed and self-critical, sabotaging relationships, feeling stuck at work, or just not knowing what to do with ourselves or our children. On top of these issues, they can also be the main contributor to chronic pain, fatigue, depression, insomnia and heightened anxiety. Now, more than ever, it’s important for us to find the most direct and powerful pathways available to resilience and open-heartedness. 

What if I don’t have any trauma related issues?

Jenna is well versed with helping align the mind and body to work “together” rather than “against each other. When mind and body are in better sync, you generally feel better. Even if you do not have a specific trauma to deal with, mind/body movement and awareness can assist you with better mobility, less pain, strengthened digestibility, improved sleep and more mental clarity. The non-invasive, gentle and easy movements and exercises help the body relax to reduce tension and stress within the body. This then leads to improving your general and overall well-being and simply, feeling better.

About Jenna:

Jenna is shining a light on the power of somatic or body-based therapies for achieving inner freedom, strength and resilience. She is driven by the desire to help clients integrate their traumas and injuries in the right direction, and get back to moving the way nature intended. In addition to her private practice, she is a somatic educator for helping professionals, yoga teachers and practitioners, leading experiential workshops that blend leading edge neuroscience with yoga and other ancient practices. A dedicated Ashtanga yogini and meditator, she believes we wake up together in community. She lives in South Surrey with her wonderful partner and charming Boston terrier.



60 Minute Session – $90

90 Minute Session – $120